While on a trip in 2014 to visit our daughter and son-in-law, Lyn & Tyrone, in Swakopmund, Namibia I had thought about writing a daily travel blog but we were so busy travelling and rediscovering that I decided to wait until we were back home. Thinking about it a bit more and knowing that this could be our last visit to Namibia I have decided to write a series of blogs about each of our 5 visits to Namibia, a truly beautiful and relaxing country. I am starting with an introductory blog so as to set the ‘scene’ otherwise the 1st actual blog would be very long.

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Our plan for the next day, having spent a very relaxing and interesting time in Kimberley, was to drive to Upington and discover some of that town before driving on to Augrabies. The attraction of the area is the Augrabies Falls which were originally given the name “Ankoerebis” by the KhoiKhoi . The meaning of this name is “the place of big noises” but when Afrikaner farmers settled there in the 19th Century they coined the name “Augrabies” and so it has remained until today.

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When we left home in September 2001 it was the natural annual phenomenon of the flowers in the Kalahari Desert on the West Coast of South Africa. That area of the country receives its annual rains, when they fall, in Winter, June - July. The seeds which have been underground during the dry season immediately start germinating and by August and September they have grown to full size and the flowers come into bloom. If it has been a year of good rainfall, the flowers come up in abundance.

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