"Why another travel blog?" Because this one is different! This is especially for the folk who, like us, are now on the Senior Side of Fifty. We are still active in both mind and body; in fact, we are ready to discover more than ever so let's get going.

In the blogs and information on this site the aim is to share our experiences, particularly those of the past 20 years. Although we are both currently in our 60s I have travelled quite a bit since 2002 and my husband, Trevor, since 2006. The ideas, the planning and also the hitches we have encountered and how we overcame them, with a little bit of humour in trying times is what I plan to share. Whenever one travels there are things which do not go as planned no matter how much planning has been done. Thus my tagline: Expect the Unexpected.

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About Me

I was born into the early part of the Baby Boomer generation, the 3rd of what came to be a family of 6 daughters. Although both our parents, who are now deceased, had been raised in rural Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal) and the 2 eldest daughters were born in a country town, the other 4 of us were all born at home in Durban. Read More

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