Part 2 Rhine Cruise - in pictures

We started with a coach tour from Munich to Oberammegau, on to Salzburg and then back through various parts of Bavaria to finish in Koblenz. On the 2nd last day we continued a cruise down the Rhine from Rüdesheim to Koblenz.

Instead of writing all about these few hours of cruising I have ‘written’ the blog in pictures so sit back and enjoy the beauty of the Rhineland.

 Mile marker on the RhineEvery km there is a marker showing the distance from origin of the Rhine in Switzerland


Castle now an hotelOne of the many old castle on the Rhine. This one is now an hotel


Church shaped like a boatThis church, designed like a boat, is on an island in the Rhine


Large pink buildingOne of the many pink buildings on the banks of the Rhine


Long barge at Koblenz

 A long barge on the Rhine


View of Rudesheim the RhineView of the Rhine at Rudesheim


Vineyards on the RhineThere are vineyards on steep slopes all along the Rhine


View of the Rhine at KoblenzView of the Rhine at Koblenz


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